Top 14 Shows You Need To Watch NOW!

1.) The Office (I’d be super disappointed if you haven’t seen this, my all time favorite show)


2.) Gossip Girl (I mean Chuck & Blair, there is no comparison)


3.) 90210 (the new version, but I have heard the old version is good too!)

giphy (1)

4.) One Tree Hill (be prepared for an emotional roller coaster)


5.) Vampire Diaries (Ian Somerhalder, am I right?)


6.) How To Get Away With Murder (Love suspenseful shows, YEP this ones for you and Viola Davis is queen)


7.) Parks & Recreation (Laugh till you cry? CHECK. And, um Chris Pratt *heart eyes*)


8.)  Riverdale (Two words, KJ APA)


9.) New Girl (I literally pee my pants watching this show)


10.) Pretty Little Liars (I think most of us grew up knowing this show, just a classic)


11.) Heroes (I used to be OBSESSED with this show, another good suspenseful show)


12.) American Horror Story (Okay, EVAN PETERS and something about this show is just addicting)

13.) Stranger Things (Obvi, this is the big hype right now)


14.) That 70’s Show (Another really funny one, and um ASHTON KUTCHER)

giphy (2)


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