11 Things To Do To Make Life Easier

  1. Limit your time on your phone each day

  2. Everytime you leave your room — take some dirty laundry out

  3. Go on a walk — get some air!

  4. Start saying no to things when they make you uncomfortable — or you just don’t want to do them.

  5. Get rid of old clothes — donate!

  6. Breathe — don’t forget about this, do it now, a deep breathe.

  7. Read a book

  8. Call a friend — get things off your chest

  9. Try journaling

  10. Drink water — and lots of it!

  11. Try yoga — there is tons of free videos on youtube



40 thoughts on “11 Things To Do To Make Life Easier

  1. great suggestions for a better day! we all need to get off of our phones more!
    I have been getting rid of stuff and laundry each time I go up or down the stairs at home, and good about laundry…but paper items…ugh…need work there!


  2. I took three deep cleansing breaths after I read your reminder and I feel better already. It is so important to be present with our breathing and nothing teaches that better than yoga. My favourite online yoga instructor is Yoga with Adrienne. If you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel yet, I highly recommend it for beginner to pro yogis!

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  3. Love these tips! Especially the one about saying no to things that you don’t really enjoy – sometimes you get stuck doing something that you hate just because you were too polite and couldn’t say no, ugh!

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  4. Such a great tips to make our life easier. and doing yoga and with fresh air is so refreshing and calming. and I’ve needed to cut my time on the phone for focusing on my tasks.

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