Talking All Things T’Swift…

Alright, I know you… you either like her or you don’t, and maybe my blog post is going to be bias because I love her to death — sorry (just kidding, I’m not sorry).

For years Taylor has been attacked by celebrities and the press. In every way, it is out of jealousy. I literally just googled “Taylor Swift Haters” and “People who have drama with Taylor Swift” and every reason people have for disliking her is full of BS.

The Kardashian-West argument is so invalid and honestly, why is it still a thing? Don’t we remember why they had drama in the first place? (right Kanye stole the mic from her as she was accepting the award and flat out told her she didn’t deserve it).

People are so focused on the issues in Taylor’s life, they don’t stop to think about the good she has done for people, and especially the fans. She is constantly donating her money for charity, visiting sick fans in the hospital, surprising fans with gifts, and so much more Taylor’s Good Deeds.

People critize her because “she used to be country, and now she is pop — you can’t do that” WHO SAYS SO? Are you the same person you were 10 years ago???? I highly doubt it, I am not the same person I was a year ago, let alone 10. Why can’t she change and grow as a person just like the rest of us? Another one, “She dates sooooo many guys, she’s a slut” —This one really gets me going. She has been in the spotlight for over 10 years. 10 years. She hasn’t found the one for her, so what is she suppose to do be single for the rest of her life to make you guys happy? She deserves to find love– and imagine how hard that is when people are watching you 24/7, no wonder it is hard. Or the, “watch out or she will write a song about you too” — and your point is? She is a singer and a songwriter, what do you expect? She is one of the artist who has actually wrote EVERY SINGLE ONE of her songs — what do you expect them to be about?

Taylor Swift’s music has gotten me through a lot of thing in my life — and I’ll forever be grateful for her expressing how I feel in music.  I remember when I was 10 years old listening to my radio and I heard her for the first time. Teardrops on my guitar came on, and she healed my little heart from my little crush I had on a boy. She taught me it was okay to be myself. She taught me it was okay to feel things. She taught me to never give up and to keep going. I remember when I saw her in concert, and she was an opening act and no body but me knew who she was. BUT I DID. I still screamed on the top of my lungs and cried because I loved her so much and I love her the same 10 years later.

Her music has gotten me through break-ups, a divorce, and just life in general. Maybe I sound dumb for writing about someone I have never met in person, but through who she is, I don’t have to know her to know what she stands for.

She get a lot shit, and at the end of the day she is human, she feels things just like we all do. Her life is under a microscope, people say cruel and hurtful things and we don’t understand what that is like because we do not constantly see ourselves online being bashed on 24/7, other celebrities who are jealous of the selfless person she is, and her examples she sets for women. I will back Swift forever, because her music and who she is as a person is inspiring.

Her new album was just released and people are criticizing her for the songs — why? Because she is actually defending herself and standing up for herself AND teaching her fans to do the same? Wow, she is a terrible person. NO. If you listen to her albums in the past it is a lot different, and I think Swift had enough of people talking about her and walking all over her. She took a stand, and stood up for herself and her fans.

So in the end, you can hate her or love her. I will continue to love her, and your negative opinions will not phase me.



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